Sunday, November 2, 2014

Silicon Valley

The three primary colors – yellow red and blue

From these three pure colors – red, yellow, and blue – a whole palette can be created.

* By mixing three primary colors we obtain the three secondary colors – orange, green, and purple. By further mixing we create an almost infinite range, such as we see in a color chart for paints. Similarly, from the interaction of the three gunas there emerges the entire range of life forms.

* On a color chart, there is a section consisting of various reds, one largely of yellows, another mainly of blues. Similarly, human society is mainly influenced by passion (the red section). The residents of the "higher planets" live mainly under the influence of goodness (represented by yellow), and the animal species are principally under the jurisdiction of ignorance (the blue section).

* Just as there is diversity within each section of colors, similarly within human society the three gunas create a range of individuals, each with distinct characteristics according to their specific mix of gunas. Some will be relatively more influenced by goodness (yellow), others by passion (red), and the remainder by the quality of ignorance (blue).